Law&Rights (, published by Public Services Publishing Ltd, is a legal information hub. It comprises articles devoted to new law and government guidance; as well as summaries of British legislation for library authorities, universities, further education colleges and legal advisors across Britain.

The hub contains 100s of summaries of English, Welsh and Scottish legislation. We do all the work for you: we undertake the paper trail through legislation, statutory instruments, EU law and other parliamentary papers. We consolidate it, bring it up to date and publish the essentials so users know what the law says, today, in their jurisdiction, about a specific area of law.

Through a library subscription to Law&Rights, the general public have access to the law to help them resolve legal problems. Students of law and social care have easy-access to the areas of law they need to know about. And anyone advising on what the law says has a short-cut through endless legal documents.

Law&Rights is the successor to The CANS Digest of Social Legislation, produced since the beginning of WW2 to communicate to the general public emergency war-time legislation. Then, it was vital for everyone to know what the law said, from a single source, in their jurisdiction about living and working in Britain. The same is true today.

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