Corp Expansion (, published by Public Services Publishing Ltd, is a database of company announcements relating to companies’ overseas investments. These could be greenfield investments, mergers and acquisitions, signification collaborations, joint ventures or even franchise agreements. It is an information hub of crossborder company growth for economic development agencies, companies, their professional advisors, academics and others, wherever they might be located internationally.

All these announcements have originated from the expanding companies themselves or from the economic development agencies who have facilitated their growth. There is nothing speculative about the content of

In addition to announcements about corporate expansion, this data hub includes interviews with cities, countries and regions about the sectors they are focusing on to attract inward investment and the investment initiatives they are undertaking, especially in relation to nurturing talent. We also include research reports on specific high-growth sectors.

For companies planning to invest crossborder into the UK, we include information on the UK regulatory regime in relation to: UK tax law; UK contract and consumer law; UK intellectual property law; UK employment law; UK company law; and UK immigration law. This information also has a vital role to play in informing those who facilitate growth into the UK and who nurture those investments once made.

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